Saturday, May 12

Sip Breathing for building IQ

Terdapat kaedah mudah untuk mempertingkatkan keupayaan otak iaitu menerusi penambahan akar-akar dendrite kepada sel-sel neuron otak yang dinamakan "Sip Breathing". Kaedah ini akan dapat meningkatkan fungsi otak dan lama-kelamaan anda akan lebih pintar dan berdaya fikir.


It have been a long time I do not update any entry in this blog due to commitment to study. I just wanna share with you all some quotes that might open our heart to be a better person and bring some happiness.

When we ask God for strength,
He gives difficulties to make us strength.

When we ask God for wisdom,
He gives us problems to solve.

When we ask God for prosperity,
He gives us brain and brawn to work.

When we ask God for courage,
He gives us troubled people to help.

When we ask God for favors,
He gives us opportunities.

In truth, we received nothing that we wanted
But instead everything that we needed.

Friday, December 9

Samsung Galaxy Note, replacement of tablet?

People love tablet because it was cool with wide touch screen with high resolution but because of it's size and battery life make them suited for certain tasks. Furthermore, to use a tablet, we need a micro sim-card to make phone calls and text messages. Some people might need 2 devices in one time and that's not very cool and reasonable. Samsung lately have announced Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 which functions as a tablet but with a smaller size and make it pocketable. This is most likely Samsung Galaxy S II with wider screen version.

Blackberry among teenagers

Hello everyone, long time no new entry right? Ok today I wanna share something that might be a phenomenon to us as teenagers nowadays. Blackberry. I'm very sure everyone know about it. Blackberry was established by Research In Motion (RIM) in 1999 by Canadian. Blackberry starts being a new phenomenon to the world since Blackberry Bold 9000 and Blackberry Curve 8520 first announced in 2008 especially for teenagers and businessman because of its multi-tasking function.

Sunday, October 23

Iphone 4s

Apple Corp. again surprised whole world with their new smartphone model, Iphone 4s which is can be deduced as the best phone in the world for now after Samsung Galaxy S2.

This new Iphone 4s comes with new function called Siri which can be your virtual personal assistant. Just press the button and say something bout what you want to do, the A5 chipset equipped in this new Iphone 4s will interpret data and did it job. This new function lets you use your voice to send a message, make calls, set reminders and more. What you have to do is just speak naturally and Siri will understand what you trying to say by interpreting main words in your conversation.